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Teak Deck Cleaners


Teak Minus Teak Plus is the original,
patented 2 component teak deck
maintenance system preferred by
owners and crew worldwide. Safe,
effective and saves time and effort.


The Ultimate Teak Deck Cleaning System

 Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of Teak Minus Teak Plus. Manufactured in the US by King & King Enterprises, Teak Minus Teak Plus is the original and best 2 component teak deck cleaner that the others have tried to copy.



Save Time and Effort

This system has allowed owners and crew to maintain peak appearance with a minimum of time and effort and a maximum amount of safety to the teak and paint. Users report time savings of up to 50% when employing this system as directed.

Safe and Effective

Use of the products is both simple and versatile and can be adjusted by the user to provide optimum results. Probably the single biggest performance advantage of the system is its considerable margin for safety around quality painted and varnished surfaces. Because rinsing between steps is not required, there is also a considerable saving in time and water.

Preserves and Protects

Besides offering unequalled safety, cost and time saving benefits, our unique ingredient blend forms salts when combined during use. These salts are absorbed by the wood – teak or beech – and act as a preservative to eliminate surface “fuzzing” and grain erosion.



TEAK MINUS is a quality controlled, biodegradable, phosphate free chemical, with no free alkalis or acid in the formula. It was developed specifically for use in the marine industry. TEAK MINUS is a water dilute able concentrate used to emulsify/breakdown dirt, grease, oils grime and other pollutants that accumulate in teak (or beech) wood. Minimal brushing or scrubbing is required which further protects these soft woods.

TEAK PLUS - Step 2                                           

TEAK PLUS is a quality controlled, biodegradable acidic chemical product formulated for use in the marine industry. TEAK PLUS is a water dilute able concentrate which cleans, neutralises and restores the bright natural lustre to teak (or beech) wood surfaces and trim. It will not harm paint, varnishes, or fibreglass when used as directed. TEAK PLUS is applied after the teak wood has been cleaned with its companion product TEAK MINUS.